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Strip and Replace Service

House extensions or roof repairs often require solar panels
to be removed, stored and reinstalled at a later date.

Installation by Certified Professionals

Rob Titherley

  • THE BS7671 18th edition elecrical installation standards are covered in a book about the size of an old fashioned telephone directory.
  • All BS7671 certified electricians must take a number of City & Guilds courses and pass a 2 hour computer based exam on each subject. They must also possess separate electro-technology qualifications and take a yearly practical wiring examination.
  • OZEV registration demands that the electricians concerned are registered as competent persons on the nation electrotechnology database. They must also pass the specific City & Guilds examination for Electric Vehicle charging point installation.
  • Small Developers and jobbing builders can operate without CSCS registration but it is mandatory for work on large 'notifiable' building sites where hundreds of tradesmen may be working alongside heavy machinery and with relatively high voltage electricity supplies. CSCS registration involves a  2 hour exam on many health & safety issues.
  • Construction companies operating on large sites must be SSIP registered and carry a minimum of £5 million indemnity insurance.

Roof Repairs and Property Extensions

British Solar Power Accreditations


    House extensions or roof repairs often require solar panels to be removed, stored and reinstalled at a later date. Our Strip and Replace service takes care of all the issues that surround this process. Strip and Replacement must not be attempted by anyone who is not certified to work with Direct Current electricity and the high voltages, typically between 350 and 650 Volts DC, generated by solar panels.

    For a roof repair the work might just involve a straight strip and replacement but for extension work where the roof layout changes it is quite likely that new mounting components will be needed when the time comes to replace the panels. A replacement assessment will be made when the panels are removed and we will quote for you any parts needed. Strip and Replacement involves two visits, one for removal and one for replacement.

    When the panels have been removed the system will be left locked off to avoid electrical risks. When the panels are replaced the system will be recommissioned and tested to ensure that it is working correctly by certified Solar Engineers and a certified Electrician.

    A third part IWA 5 year workmanship insurance policy is included in the price we quote. If problems are encountered on the replacement visit we will quote for necessary remedial work and a third visit. You can read more about IWA warranties at www.iwa.biz

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