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Solar PV Systems for New Build and Refurb

Housing and Apartment Blocks

Project Management is by Certified Electricians

British Solar Growatt

  • Cable runs to the inverters are a major consideration and once agreed must be facilitated without fail
  • The first installation day is usually to install roof panels and DC cables
  • The second installation day to install inverters and switchgear may be weeks or months later
  • Prices quoted reflect the requirement for multiple installation dates
  • Installation dates cancelled at short notice will be charged so please see our Ts&Cs
  • Domestic systems are underwritten with an independent IWA third party warranty
  • The Developer may have to supply extra labour on days of installation depending on site conditions.
  • Signoff is required for us to apply for MCS certificates and Building Control Certificates.

British Solar Power

Pitched and flat roof new build capacities to meet planning conditions

British Solar Power solar panels

New Build Projects from Concept to Commissioning and Ongoing Site Maintenance

  • Liaison establishing the capacity to meet planning requirements
  • Planning permission is required in conservation areas
  • Outside conservation areas we self certify for you retrospectively
  • Building Control Certificate supplied after signoff
  • Roof drawings required for layout planning
  • Iinitial site surveys to establish layouts and load bearing capability
  • Cable runs and inverter locations to be specified and agreed
  • Multiple installations require prior permission from electricity supplier
  • New build always involves at least two installation visits
  • The Developer is responsible for unloading and storing system components
  • The Developer is responsible for lifting panels, ballast and mounting rails to roof level
  • Installations can be assigned to landlord's supply or to apartments
  • Experienced installation operatives, certified electricians
  • Design documentation supplied
  • Developer's electricians are responsible for Electrical Installation Certificates
  • MPAN numbers are required for MCS certificates and Third Party Warranties
  • Systems with or without battery storage

British Solar Power