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Solar Panel System Repairs

Generation Meters, Inverters, Switches, Panels, Pigeon Proofing, Cleaning

Installation by Certified Professionals

Rob Titherley

  • THE BS7671 18th edition elecrical installation standards are covered in a book about the size of an old fashioned telephone directory.
  • All BS7671 certified electricians must take a number of City & Guilds courses and pass a 2 hour computer based exam on each subject. They must also possess separate electro-technology qualifications and take a yearly practical wiring examination.
  • OZEV registration demands that the electricians concerned are registered as competent persons on the nation electrotechnology database. They must also pass the specific City & Guilds examination for Electric Vehicle charging point installation.
  • Small Developers and jobbing builders can operate without CSCS registration but it is mandatory for work on large 'notifiable' building sites where hundreds of tradesmen may be working alongside heavy machinery and with relatively high voltage electricity supplies. CSCS registration involves a  2 hour exam on many health & safety issues.
  • Construction companies operating on large sites must be SSIP registered and carry a minimum of £5 million indemnity insurance.

Solar Panel System Repairs

British Solar Power Accreditations


    It is not uncommon for the small generation meter to stop working after a few years. If your reading stops clocking up and the red light stops flashing the meter may need replacing, a job that takes about 30 minutes plus travelling time. Electricity suppliers who may be paying your Feed In Tariff are not unfamiliar with meter failures so generally they are not an issue. Call us on 0203 291 2821 for help and advice.

    Your inverter is the big box either in the loft or in you garage that converts the D.C. electricity generated by the panels to A.C. Sometimes the failure is caused by a break in your electricity supply and the problem can be fixed over the ‘phone so in the first instance call us on 0203 291 2821 and we will talk you through a re-boot.

    If the re-boot doesn’t work dig out any paperwork you have for the system and see if the make and model of the inverter is included in your package. It also helps if you can tell us how many panels you have. Take a photograph of the inverter then call us on 0203 291 2821 and we will work out the best way to fix the system. Most likely you will need a new inverter. Inverters can generally not be repaired because the manufacturers don’t want third parties tinkering with their products. Why? Because of the danger of fire from out of warranty failed electronics. The technology has moved on a lot in the last 10 years so a new, often smaller, lighter and more efficient, inverter is almost always the best option. New inverters come with a 5 year warranty and you can buy an extra 5 years or more for a small fee. Generally we can replace your inverter within 5/7 days of you calling us.

    Most switch failures aren’t failures at all. If you detect a fishy smell either in your loft, under the stairs or in your garage, pound to a penny the plastic insulation on a wire is burning owing to a loose connection. If in doubt follow the emergency instructions in your information pack to switch your solar system off and call us on 0203 291 2821. There is a real danger of fire with loose connections so don’t take any chances. Switches and wiring are easily replaced and once done properly will not fail again. Our workmanship comes with an optional 5 year Independent Third Party Warranty.

    In 11 years of installing solar panel systems we still haven’t seen a panel failure although connectors can theoretically corrode if they have been left exposed to the elements. Most of the time we can work off ladders to inspect panels so there is no need for scaffolding. Call for more information.

    If you have doves or pigeons nesting under your panels we can evict them and install wire mesh to keep them out. Call for a quote. The work usually takes about 3 hours working off ladders.

    Most problems with dirt on solar panels that reduces the power they generate emanate from tree pollen in the Spring when trees are coming into leaf. It’s worth having your panels cleaned every 5 years if you think they could do with a wash. We use de-ionised water to avoid contamination in hard water areas. Call us on 0203 291 2821 to book a visit.

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