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Car Park Charging

Charging Units with remote monitoring for outdoor, multi-storey and basements

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Electric Coach Charging


Allow employees to charge at the workplace and at home, allowing for chargepoint operators to reimburse users and report BiK tax efficiently.

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Charging Point Management Features

  • OZEV Grants available for employee charging schemes. Our extensive range of EV charging points are approved by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), allowing workplaces to take advantage of up to £14,000 grant funding towards EV charging points.
  • App based public charging system. Allow users to access EV charging points via the app and/or RFID fobs. There is also the ability to restrict your chargepoints to specific VRMs via the app making the ideal solution for fleets.
  • Allow staff to charge their EVs whilst working, enabling a charged vehicle for their commute home.
  • Ability to offer free charging for employees whilst providing visitors with a pay-to-charge service by simply setting your own tariffs and billing per kWh/hr session.
  • Whether it’s a Tesla or a Renault ZOE, our EV chargers are compatible with all plug-in vehicles.
  • All our workplace charging points come with an independent third party warranty when installed under the OZEV WCS grant scheme, ensuring that you are covered during your first steps into the EV revolution.

British Solar Car Park Charging

Monitoring and Benefit

  • Our chargepoint management platform VendElectric enables full visibility and control of all of your chargepoints. You can also view real-time activity, monitoring, CO2 savings and energy usage all at the click of a button, helping you understand charging behaviours and where further infrastructure may be required.

EV Charging Points

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