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Domestic Solar PV Systems

Retro Fit, Relocation, New Build

Other Services

In roof solar panels

  • We remove and replace solar panels for house extensions and roof repairs.
  • Sytems are recommissioned and tested when the panels are replaced.
  • Pigeon proofing and panel cleaning.
  • System testing and repair..
  • Solar inverter replacement with 5 year warranty.
  • Free telephone advice prior to visits..

Rob Titherley

On-Roof, In-Roof, pitched roofs and flat roofs

British Solar Power Charging Pedestals

We install domestic solar for all kinds of properties

  • Initial Surveys to assess suitability of your property
  • Your roof should point in a southerly direction
  • Quotations include annual power generation projections
  • Estimated annual cost savings supplied
  • Systems include a third party independent warranty
  • Installations usually take 1 day
  • Scaffolding supplied and removed if required
  • Pitched roof and flat roof systems
  • Experienced installation operatives, certified electricians
  • MCS and Electrical Installation Certificates with design documentation
  • Commissioning, Test and Payment System configuration
  • Systems with and without battery storage
  • Pigeon proofing

British Solar Panels